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What is CT Scan?

A computerized tomography (CT) scan combines a series of X-ray images taken from different angles around your body and uses computer processing to create cross-sectional images (slices) of the bones, blood vessels and soft tissues inside your body. CT scan images provide more-detailed information than plain X-rays do.

A CT scan has many uses, but it's particularly well-suited to quickly examine people who may have internal injuries from car accidents or other types of trauma. A CT scan can be used to visualize nearly all parts of the body and is used to diagnose disease or injury as well as to plan medical, surgical or radiation treatment.

Types Of CT Scan

1. CT Angiography: A doctor might order a CT angiography, or angiogram, if they want to assess a person’s risk of heart disease. The scan can also help doctors detect damage to the blood vessels, such as aneurysms or blockages. Before the scan, a health professional injects dye into the blood vessels to help make the flow of blood through the body more visible. A CT technologist then takes images of the blood vessels.
2. CT Abdomen Scan: During an abdominal CT scan, a technologist will capture images of the organs of the digestive tract, such as the intestines, colon, liver, spleen and appendix. A doctor might order an abdomen scan to detect abscesses in the area, to discover internal bleeding or to identify and diagnose tumors, such as those in the colon.

3. CT Bone Scan: While an x-ray can detect a fracture or other problem with the bones, health care professionals also sometimes use a CT scan of the bones. Since a CT scan can give more information to a doctor, they might order one if the results of a traditional x-ray are inconclusive. A CT bone scan will also provide a clearer picture of the soft tissues near the bones, such as the tendons and muscles. A CT bone scan might also help diagnose cancer in the bones.
4. CT Head: A doctor might order a head CT for a patient who is experiencing unexplained headaches or dizziness. The procedure can also help diagnose brain tumors or strokes. A head CT captures images of the brain and other areas of the head, such as the sinuses. Patients with ongoing sinus issues might benefit from a head CT to determine if there is ongoing inflammation in the area. 5. Cardiac CT: A cardiac CT scan also takes pictures of the chest area. However, the focus is not on the lungs, but on a person’s heart. A doctor might order a cardiac CT to detect problems with the aorta, heart valves and other arteries. In some cases, a doctor might order a cardiac CT scan to follow up on the results of a procedure, such as coronary artery bypass grafting.

Preparation Of CT Scan

Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing to your exam. You may be given a gown to wear during the scan.Metal objects including jewelry, eyeglasses, dentures and hairpins may affect the CT images and should be left at home or removed prior to your exam. You may also be asked to remove hearing aids and removable dental work.You may be asked not to eat or drink anything for several hours before your scan, especially if a contrast material will be used in your exam. You should inform your physician of any medications you are taking and if you have any allergies, especially to contrast materials.

Also inform your doctor of any recent illnesses or medical conditions, and if you have a history of heart disease, asthma, diabetes, kidney disease or thyroid problems. Any of these conditions may increase the risk of an unusual adverse effect.Please bring a list of your current medications: prescriptions, over the counter medications, and vitamins.

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